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Our Mission

The Joy Gallery

A new Art Gallery has been established at Homewood Church called The Joy Gallery.
It will feature works of art by some of Birmingham's leading and emerging artists.  The
Church will use this outlet as part of its outreach and enrichment program.

The Gallery will host exhibits on a regular basis.  The openings for these exhibits will be
on Sunday afternoons from 1pm until 3pm.  The schedule for these will be advertised
citywide.  The grand opening was April 2012.

We have two curators who will manage the Gallery.  They are Tom Dameron and
Maud Coirier-Belser. Maud and Tom are respected local artists who will work
together in all areas of production.

Art Galleries in Churches are a relatively new adventure.  The current recession has seen a
number of local galleries close which limits the number of opportunities available for
emerging and established artists to exhibit their work.  This has created an exciting new way
for Churches to reach new groups of people and to share art and culture in a Christian
environment with the local community.

The Gallery will work closely with local art groups to supply us with some of the best artists
the city has to offer.  We are establishing a permanent art collection for the Church featuring
the artists who have shown their work.  This collection will line the hallways and bring new
life to the building as only art can do while paying tribute to the artists involved.

We must remember that the gift of art comes from God and it is a very real part of the
foundation of our culture.  Pray for this new adventure and enjoy!

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